Thursday, 5 March 2009

sawyer named himself "the flower." that's funny.

so this week's episode of LOST was relatively mind-blowing. i know my friends and i had been grappling with the 3-year time difference between the events happening in the real world and the events happening on the island, and last night's episode started to answer our burning questions.

  • finally, sawyer/juliet!
  • i laughed out loud when sawyer noted richard's use of guyliner.
  • i think amy & horace's baby is going  to be someone we know.
  • i think paul's ankh necklace has some greater significance, and it has something to do with the statue we briefly saw.
  • i agree with the folks over at the lost diary, i think there is a definite reason they are in the 70s on the island with the dharma initiative.

  • who the hell is amy & horace's baby?
  • who will sawyer choose... juliet or kate?
  • when will jin & sun finally see each other again?
  • what is the connection between the egyptian symbols (the statue, the ankh necklace) and the island?

all in all, a great week with lots of questions. i just hope some of them eventually get answered.