Monday, 18 May 2009

grapplings of a "glorified state school" grad.

of course she doesn't wear a cap.

after a very long hiatus (i'm sorry, i was in 4 shows and had to graduate from college, and unlike serena i HAD to wear my damn cap.) the blogger is back for the season finales of lost and gossip girl. ok, here goes...

omg, jacob.

ohh, jj abrams how you tease. i think i'll list what was positive (+) and what was negative (-) about this season finale... and what made me go WTF. (?)
+ meeting jacob, omg THANK YOU.
- he appears to just be some dude who likes eating fish?
? who is the guy who wants to kill jacob?
+ jacob visiting everyone at integral moments in their lives.
- i miss desmond.
+ bye bye juliet.
? john locke's corpse? then who the hell is the guy we've been following?
? can jacob really be killed that easily?
--/??? um... the last moment? this feels like the last moment of season 1, and we all know the fan backlash that resulted from that. (even the
nytimes was peeved.)

of course they can't give too much away, they've still got a season to go, but come on. we've been such loyal fans, we deserve some answers.

predictions about next season:
i've been giving this a lot of thought and i honestly have no idea. if the bomb worked then i'm not sure if they'll be on the island in modern time or if they'll be on the plane or what. if they were on the island, then there would be all sorts of conflicts with locke/fake locke and jacob and richard and the new survivors and all that jazz. this is pretty basic, i hope it isn't that easy. i just don't know what they would do if the flight landed safely in LA. so help me if sun and jin don't have a reunion within the first three episodes, i might just burst.

and now for gg. any non-believers in the church of OMFG must have not been watching the final moments of this sesason's gossip girl finale, because i think it would bring a tear to even the most cynical eye.

blair+chuck=my otp

realer than blair's prom dress being ruined at the cleaners and getting an immediate couture replacement from paris:
  • serena didn't wear a cap. just her tassle tied in her hair. plus 2.
  • jenny's hair is hideous. this is nothing new, just accurate. plus 3. 
  • jenny's ban on headbands. plus 10.
  • eleanor prepping blair to win chuck. touching and accurate. plus 15.
  • of course chuck traveled to europe to get all of blair's favorite things to present to her when he tells her he loves her. plus 20.
  • blair's coat perfectly matches the pink flowers chuck brings to her. plus 10.

faker than rufus being able to afford nyu:

  • the gay boys hacked into GG and don't know her IP address? minus 50, because computer hackers are usually neither that gay nor that cute and would definitely know how to track someone down that they had hacked into so thoroughly.
  • because it needs repeating, rufus humphrey can't afford yale, but he can afford nyu? the most expensive school in the world? minus 20.
  • even with his money back dan chooses nyu over yale, his dream school? minus 10.
  • since when is serena looking for her dad? and she could hire a PI and get that info fast without sketchy carter. minus 5.
  • lily would never openly disclose her relationship status in public, even to eleanor. minus 5.
  • serena's plan to expose gossip girl ends with all the kids together at the oak room. minus 20, because that's pretty queer and it would definitely be at buddha bar or something like that.
  • um, georgina is going to gallatin? fyi - you canNOT just show up at the bursar's office and say oh hi i want this person as my roommate. minus 30.

  • predictions about next season:
    ok so obviously all the kids have to stay in new york, so my current guess is that serena finds out her dad is a professor at nyu and ends up attending, as well. (you know, to get close to him, 'cause that's what college is for.) or maybe it'll be up at columbia, so that nate won't be the lonely little petunia uptown alone. unless chuck ends up going to columbia to hang with nate or nyu to be with blair. goergina and blair will come up with all sorts of schemes to destroy each other's clean slate reputations at nyu, but will end up befriending each other. i hope and pray for more eric plotlines next season.

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