Sunday, 31 January 2010

the incident, part 3.


well here we are, standing on the precipice of the final season of lost. what can we expect? what should we be afraid of? how many things will remain unresolved?

i think i am going to approach this last season of lost the same way i approached the final harry potter book: hope for the best, anticipate the worst, and make sure my theories are publicized so that i can feel awesome when i am right. (this also held true for my theories about the sex and the city movie, but i'm not even attempting to decipher the possible "plot" of the sequel.)

so - back to lost.

season 6 theories:
  • the entire original cast will be back. or at least the ones who aren't currently working on some other more lucrative project.
  • we will be back to pre- and/or during crash time. but the characters that have time traveled will have the knowledge of all that has come after them.
  • the time travel plot will still have many holes and not quite make sense with all we've learned about the space time continuum.
  • charlie won't die this time.
  • jacob will become creepier, but perhaps more vague rather than more well-defined.
  • desmond better have some major plotlines. (this is more of a hope than a theory.)
  • john locke will mess something major up and then save all or most of the survivors, or will be martyred.
  • kate will have to choose between sawyer and jack for once and for all. (again, more of a hope than a theory.)
  • there will be some major reveals that none of us were expecting.
as of right now, those are the theories i am working with. (please feel free to comment yours, or thoughts about/corrections to mine!)

as for that other show that i write about sometimes. (yes, you, gossip girl.) i think i may be officially over it. we didn't even get a christmas episode this year AND we have to wait till march for any more mediocre/unfathomably unbelievable action. so boo.

shows that have filled the gossip girl naughty pleasure void:
  • mad men (give me some chain-smoking, martini drinking chauvinists and some sexy period costumes any day.)
  • true blood (this show doesn't get all victorian about vampire/human relations. or human/human relations, for that matter.)
  • jersey shore (even leonardo dicaprio likes it. need i say more?)
  • teen mom (the fact that both lost and the reunion show are on this tuesday night makes me uber excited.)

that's all for now.

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