Thursday, 1 April 2010

welcome back, hume.

what's wrong, richard? confused? upset? mad that my lost theories were all correct (thus far) and yours weren't?

that's ok.... i forgive you because of your sexy spanish in last week's episode and for your hugh jackman in the fountain-esque scruff.

as for the show... i'm not sure i can forgive it. sure, they reintroduced my favorite character at the very end of this week's episode, but the fact that sun and jin have STILL not seen each other makes my heart ache... and my mind say "come on already..."

as for my predictions for the denouement of the series? it seems too obvious to be good/true:
  • a final good vs. evil showdown with team jacob vs. team man in black/not-locke.
  • sun/jin reunion.
  • a reveal of desmond's greater importance/why he was brought to the island. (i'm with you on that one, daniel.)
  • the candidate will be chosen and will have to now protect the island... unless all of the candidates band together to protect together.... (or some. like a couple choosing to stay and protect together. desmond/penny, jack/kate, sun/jin, etc.)
of course i fear that many integral plot lines will remain untied up, but i hope that the season gives us a finale fitting to such a phenomenal series. i think they will - i still have faith.

either way, it sure has been fun watching.

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