Saturday, 22 May 2010

the final journey.

the end is not near, it's here. tomorrow night six years of faithful LOST-watching comes to an end. six years filled with some of the best moments in tv history. six years of characters we feel like we know better than some of our facebook friends. i was trying to think about how i felt when SATC ended. i think i was sad, but so happy that those characters had entered my life and that i could come back to them at any time. although i don't think LOST is the sort of show that i'd just want to pick up and watch a random episode of again (save, of course, the constant.)

yes, i was angry about across the sea, but not for the same reasons as daniel or even emily's husband, i was angry because the mythology of the island needed to remain mysterious. what i had concocted in my head about the island and those two powerful men was far more interesting than allison janney telling jacob to protect a light. i was ok with those aspects of the show remaining mysterious. i wanted more time for the reason we watch the show: the characters. they introduced such an interesting plot line with desmond and his "unique resistance to electromagnetism" -- i know he will be a central focus of the finale, but i don't want it to feel rushed. desmond, our man, desmond, who pushed the button, crossed the world and crossed time for love -- he deserves our time and attention.

it also seems like so many things that had been built up over the seasons (ben and widmore being banished from the island, the whole history of the dharma initiative and its importance, the numbers, etc.) seem to have been built up for nothing -- left as a mere detour on the eventual road to the LOST equivalent of the battle between the jedi force and the dark side.

and don't even get me started on the disability narrative (locke wanting to be "fixed" in the parallel universe) -- at least its not as sorry as GLEE's (artie's and sue's sister's stories. but that's a whole other blog entry in itself.)

in spite of my feelings about that episode, or even about what they died for, i am willing to forgive and forget and look forward to tomorrow night.

i am not one of those who will judge the entire series based on what happens tomorrow night, after all it is just one episode. i'm also not expecting it to end with everything neatly wrapped up (like how it would end if it were a sitcom or LOST re-enacted by cats in 1 minute) and unless they pull a st. elsewhere, i'm fairly certain i won't be throwing things at the tv. despite what does or doesn't happen tomorrow night, the past six years have been a wild ride. and, of course - whatever happened, happened.

i'm rooting for desmond/penny!

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