Tuesday, 20 January 2009

the far-reaching impact of blair waldorf, and other stories.

aretha franklin, channeling blair waldorf

aretha franklin, clearly a fan of the greatest show of our time, channeled blair waldorf with her fabulous hat at the inauguration. A+ for being so fashion forward, aretha.

speaking of GG, last night's episode was rather disappointing:

realer than death by dorota:
  • eric was not only the one most completely grossed out by lilly & rufus's sexcapades, he was also the only one who openly complained about it. plus 10.
  • jack bass has an obvious coke addiction. plus 5.
  • i'm fairly certain it's common knowledge that you can't have pets in freshman dorms. i guess it's implied that this dog will be dorota's permanent responsibility. plus 5.

faker than lilly's deus ex machina moment with her lawyer at the opera:
  • the orchestra tuned up and then the opera didn't start for another 45 minutes. minus 5.
  • since when do people get emailed and/or text messaged about their college acceptances or rejections?! minus 50.
  • why the hell is the new teacher at least 5 years younger than the rest of the cast? minus 20.
  • where did nate's money magically come back from? minus 10.

and for those of who still not converted to the church of OMFG, something completely different:

oh... and check this one out, too.

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