Friday, 30 January 2009

cheer up, charlie hume.

sadly, there was no new GG this week. but in the past week that i haven't written (i've been quite a busy gal.) there have been THREE new episodes of LOST. the season premiere, consisting of two episodes, was a bit underwhelming. i felt that everything that happened my friends and i had predicted not only in the eight months we've been waiting for a new episode, but in last season's finale. a big womp womp to jj abrams, statler and waldorf style: what was that? it was pointless! exposition! were the writers LOST for the past eight months?! DOH HO HO.

but then came the third episode, which--while not up to LOST's usual best--was an improvement from the first two episodes of the season. we got about three super cool OMG moments, but aside from that nothing much happened. the only thing that made it extremely watchable was that it was a desmond centered plot, and desmond/penny are LOST's OTP. (totally loved that they named their baby charlie. let's all have a collective awww.) but the rest of the episode? i mean come on, since when do we care about charlotte? yeah, i sort of like farraday and his nerdlove crush is cute, but her dying isn't exactly a cliffhanger/shocking ending. however i do have an interesting theory about farraday's mom that the folks over at the lost diary seem to share with me: that she is ms. hawking. i guess we'll see pretty soon if our theory is correct.

and now for something completely different:

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