Thursday, 26 February 2009

bye bye, bentham!

lost this week... what can i say? i think i gasped audibly about seven times during this episode. 

  • desmond is going to get shipwrecked on the island, just like he did the first time. (only this time he will be with penny and li'l charlie.) this goes back to ms. hawking telling desmond "the island isn't done with you yet" and the fact that they need to recreate the situations under which they first arrived on the island. so it totally makes sense that desmond wasn't on the plane.
  • caesar is going to try to be the leader and locke is going to have to fight him. et tu, brute?
  • i really want the farraday/hawking/widmore saga to be solved. at this point it is possible that farraday is widmore's son, and that charlotte is widmore's daughter. but i don't think both could be true...
  • i think it's so interesting that good and evil keep being skewed. i don't think widmore or ben are all evil, but it's hard to see the good in either of them sometimes.
  • i don't know what i think of the theories over at the lost diary... i don't think either theory about locke/ben is true.

  • why did ben kill locke? 
  • what was it about mentioning ms. hawking that sent ben over the edge?
  • why did they show walt for .005 seconds? is that all we're ever going to get of him?
  • is michael still alive?
  • is abbadon gone forever?

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