Thursday, 12 February 2009

mama who time travelled me.


for the first time this season, i was thrilled by this week's episode of LOST. first of all, i decided to attend the LOST party @ professor thom's.  each week, there is a different LOST drink special. this week, the special was "whenever anyone sees a ghost or time travels, everyone gets a free shot." this happened to be a week where there were about 10+ time travel moments. thank you, professor thom & jj abrams. second of all, the episode itself was pretty great. i am thrilled that my faraday/hawking theory was proven, and that my charlotte/widmore seems to be so close to being proven, as well. (and from talking to some fellow LOSTphiles @ the party, it seems people think there might be a link between those two families.... ponderous indeed.) also, i love jin. he was the best part of this episode, by far. 

things i am curious about
  • what is the temple that the monster is guarding? 
  • how are they gonna bust hurley out of jail? 
  • is sun's daughter going to go back to the island, too?
  • is ben actually planning to kill charlotte for his revenge against widmore, not penny?
  • what was claire's mom actually investigating? (last week's episode, but i'm still curious.)
  • where is claire?!
  • will any of the characters encounter their past selves on the island?

in other news... dear cwtv, why do you keep depriving your fans of our beloved GG? i need my chuck/blair fix for the week!

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